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About Me


Wanna be a Civic Entrepreneur, Lone Traveler, and forbearing Listener, Nikesh represents two non-profit organization – Open Knowledge Nepal and Code for Nepal, both working to improve digital literacy and open data sector of Nepal. He is a strong supporter of Open Source Software and believes in the vision of Open Knowledge to empower citizens regarding technology usage and Open Data. He serves different open communities of Nepal as a volunteer and his main mission is to create transparent and accountable society by using the potential of civic technology. He kills his frustration and enjoys his success by writing an article, essay, poem, and blogs. With gifted Event Management and Research skills, He loves Coordinating, Communicating, Team Building, Brainstorming, Blogging and Tweeting. He had completed Diploma in Computer Engineering and currently pursuing his bachelor degree from Purbanchal University. Nikesh is a Shuttleworth Flash Grantee 2016 and U.S. Embassy Youth Council member 2017/18.


Computer Engineering Student | Open Knowledge Activist | Blogger | Data Diva | Web Developer | Hardware Geek | Open Source Supporter | Entrepreneur | Sales Boy | Event Coordinator | Assistant Photographer | Book Lover | Building the next big venture of Nepal.


Love Open Source “Rocking Open Source”

My Involvement with Different Communities:

Open Knowledge Nepal



Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Nepal



Code for Nepal



Acme Open Source Community (AOSC)


    • Founder President of Acme Open Source Community(AOSC)
    • Organizer of OpenStreet Map Mapping Party @ Acme Engineering College
    • Organizer of Acme Mozilla Orientation
    • Presenter in Linux Training Program held @ Acme Engineering College


Mozilla Nepal



BOLD School of Entrepreneurship



Information Technology Security Emergency Response Team, Nepal