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Moz Maker Party @ Acme Engineering College

Date: 7th March 2014, Friday
Venue: Acme Engineering College, Banasthali, Kathmandu
Time: 10:30 AM
Acme Open Source Community [AOSC] and Mozilla Club of an Acme Engineering College “Acme Firefox” decided to celebrate one Mozilla Webmakers party at International Women Day 2014 and named it “Moz Maker Party – Building better web”. In that event, I got a chance to represent Mozilla.
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I started Talking about Mozilla by playing the video “The Mozilla Story” and tell them what is Mozilla, what is Mozilla mission and so on.

Then there was a small talk on Firefox Student Ambassador & Firefox OS. I told them the benefits of being Firefox Student Ambassador.

After that, the main event was started “Moz Maker Party” with the introduction of Mozilla Webmaker, what kinds of tools are there and what are the benefits of those tools.

The group was divided into a small team for some work and different Teamwork on different topics. Some decided to work on the theme “International Women Day 2014” and some decided to learn how to remix others pages.


Some outputs made by the team:

Kapil’s Team :

Surendra’s Team:

Niranjan’s team:

and it was a Zocef (participant) sister birthday so Zocef Team decided to make one Popcorn Video wish his Sister and I was quite impressed with their work.

Zocef’s Team :

After the Output discussion we discuss again Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) and at last President of Acme Open Source Community, Rabin Tamang ended an Event.

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Data Visualization + Mozilla WebMaker @ Open Data Day…

Some of the Communities working under Open Philosophy (Specially FOSS Nepal Community, Wikimedia Nepal, Mozilla Nepal, NOSK, AOSC, OSAC and Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal) decided to celebrate Open Data Day 2014 at GPF Building, Kamaladi Kathmandu in the date of 22nd February 2014. I also decided to join that Event so, with some of my college friends, I moved towards the Venue early in the morning. At the venue, I made different members of different communities. I was quite hungry so I move towards the hotel first for the tea and after I came back from the hotel Ambassador of Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal, Prakash Neupane call us up at the meeting room and tell us what kinds of work we are going to do in Open Data Day 2014.

The different team decided to work on different kinds of a topic like Open Spending Hackathon, Makers Party, Wiki School e.t.c and some decided to join Talk program. I also make my team with one college friend named Suraj Bohara and decided to work on Data Visualization + Mozilla Webmaker because I was quite good with both of it.

Our team decide to work on Total number of Mountain data found in Nepal. So, I download the data from website in pdf format. Then We used software called Tabula to convert that pdf data into csv. After converting all those data we both filter that data step by step because we don’t want to make the mistake. We filter Mountain name and its Height and then I used to visualized that data and the output comes something like this. Really Cool One!!

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Now it was time to use Mozilla Webmaker and I think of making one Popcorn Video represent that Visualization but Then my friend suggest me to make one Thimble page too so, I make both of it. (Not that much good but I made it)

Popcorn Video Link:

Thimble Page Link:


Journey with Mozilla Nepal Community


Working with FOSS Nepal Community was really cool but after hearing the name of Mozilla Nepal Community I was really socked. Different kinds of the question were running through my mind. It was all started from “Mozilla South Asian Meet-up Kathmandu 2013” during Open Data Day Hackathon 2013. At that event I got a chance to know about Mozilla from closely but the, more importantly, I got chance to know about Firefox OS on that event.


After attending that event is was interested to join Mozilla Community so, I started searching about Mozilla, Mozilla Nepal, Firefox OS etc. and after that, I collect the name of Reps from Nepal and different contributor of Mozilla from Nepal and start adding them at different kinds of Social Sites. That’s helped me to be connected with them more easily and at that time I came to know about Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) program. Then I joined that program and create on Firefox Club at my College named “Acme Firefox“. After creating college club we decided to have one Orientation Program at our college and at the same time Mozilla Nepal Community did one Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) Nepal Meetup-I which helps us to get communicate with others FSA from Nepal. We also did one Orientation Program at our college on 1st August 2013 and named it “Acme Mozilla Orientation”
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We also celebrate Mozilla Nepal Anniversary together with lots of Fun and Mozilla Nepal Meetup-III was the most memorable one because I think that Meetup was quite successful. I also got a Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) badge at 17 December 2013.

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Voters Visualization On Open Election Data Week

Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal decided to celebrate Open Election Data Week from 24th Nov to 30th Nov, a week-long online election data work. And I was quite interested to join that online Event So, I Fill up the form created by Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal and start working on Voters Data. At first, we collect voters data of different years from a different website and start keeping it online at our docs. We start working at different categories of voters. We divide those voters data into four different categories like:

1) Number of Voters According to Development Region

2) Number of Voters According to Geographical Region

3) Number of Register Voters

4) Number of Register Voters and Voters Who Dropped Vote

1) Number of Voters According to Development Region

Nepal is divided into Five Development Region and Each Development Region have got different numbers of Voters So, from the below graph we can find how many numbers of voters are there in each Development Region.

2) Number of Voters According to Geographical Region

We can found Three Geographical division in Nepal. They are Terai, Hilly, Mountain, and This three Region have got different kinds of Lands structures and People living in this Region are also different from each other. From the below map we can find how many Voters are there in each Geographical Region.

3) Number of Register Voters

This is the total number of Register Voters from the year 2047 B.S to 2070 B.S and we can see the number of register voters is increasing and decreasing at different Years.

4) Number of Register Voters and Voters who Dropped Vote

From the following graph, we can see how many Voters Register their name and How many Voters actually dropped Vote at Election of the year 2048, 2051, 2056, 2064, 2070 B.S.


Acme Mozilla Orentation

On the date of 1st August 2013, Acme Firefox and AOSC [Acme Open Source Community] jointly organized an event named Acme Mozilla Orientation. The event was said to be started from 10:00 AM but a huge traffic jam at Banasthali Chowk it was half hour delayed and it was started from 10:30 AM.

The five-member of Mozilla Nepal team entered the college:

  1. Avash Mulmi
  2. Prashish Rajbhandari
  3. Avinash Kundaliya
  4. Bansaj Pradhan
  5. Nirmal Khanal

Avash Mulmi started the event with their introduction one by one and then all the event participant also gave their introduction.Avash Mulmi Starting the Event With the participant of 25 students and our HOD sir the event gets started and at the starting of the event, Prashish Rajbhandari and Avinash Kundaliya ask us a question ” What is Open Source? ” we all get quiet for awhile because we don’t know the right and complete answer of the question. But after the silence of while one of the student and member of AOSC “Nikesh Balami” stood up and gives an answer but the answer given by him wasn’t complete So, both brothers teach us the right definition of Open Source.

After a little talk of Mozilla and Mozilla Nepal Prashish Rajbhandari and Avash Mulmi told us how we can contribute on Mozilla. Avash Mulmi told us about different kinds of involvement process :

  1. Helping Users
  2. Testing and Quality Assurance
  3. Coding
  4. Marketing and Evangelism
  5. Localization
  6. Add-ons
  7. Visual Design
  8. Developer Documentation
  9. Accessibility
  10. System Administration
  11. User Research
  12. Education

Avinash Kundaliya gave us the presentation about Firefox OS. He told us how the Firefox OS is made and Gave us a small demo of the coding. Firefox OS is made up of HTML, CSS, and JS. Avinash Kundaliya teaches us all the working principle of that OS and He also teaches us how to use Firefox OS on Simulator.Avinash bro Giving the Firefox OS presentation

Then again Bansaj Pradhan gives a small demo of Localization. He taught us how it works and how to contribute to it. A lot of students was interested in this topics and want to work on it.Demo Presentation

At last Nikesh Balami, a member of Acme Open Source Community takes the feedback of all student and ask them whether they are interested to do next Workshop of Web Maker or not. All the student gave the Positive answer and then he asks the student in which field they want to contribute and with the collection of all answer and positive Feedback the event ends.Nikesh Balami asking Feedback

At last a group photo was taken:Group Photo


Mozilla Nepal Meet-Up III

After I become FSA (Firefox Student Ambassador), I got a good chance to get close to Mozilla Nepal Community and Mozilla Nepal Meetup III was a most awaited event for me. I was Volunteering since all the day and I think Avash Mulmi and Surit Aryal made a really cool Time Table for the Event. On the date of 9th October 2013 at a Time of 1:00 PM with the 34 participants the Event was started by  Shashi Khanal at SAF FAlCHA with the participant introduction.

Although I don’t get Chance or Time to do Documentation for the blog, Hear I created a Video by combining Images of an Event: