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Self-satisfaction and happiness: 2018 journey

Growing older isn’t that pleasant feeling especially when you can see the transformation from “Nikesh – Brother – Dai – Sir” by your naked eyes. But unfortunately, nobody in this world is gifted with the power to control time. The years/time passes – waiting for none and here we stand, buckling up to welcome yet another new year. I have been setting the yearly resolution since 2017 to keep myself focused. Some years has been disappointing, and some were full of hopes and enthusiasm.

The holiday’s mood is already ON, with “ZERO” email and no deadline works, which gave me enough time and opportunity to reflect 2018 – a year of self-satisfaction and happiness.

  1. The success of Open Knowledge Nepal – small steps but huge impact. 2018 has been a productive year with lots of different activities which kept us busy throughout the year. Kudos to the hard working team (especially Sagar and Shubham) and volunteers for keeping the enthusiasm alive. Open Data Nepal is going to be the next big thing for Nepal in 2019.
  2. Goodbye volunteering, hello to new roles – In 2018, I dropped 90% of my volunteering works. Many suggested that it was the right decision taken in right age. I also joined Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID) as co-founder and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Nepal community as an executive member.
  3. Reaching Far-West and others parts of the country – Many thanks to the project “PAHICHAN” and “Digitizing Janakpur Workshop”, I got an opportunity to visit Province 2, 3, 5 & 7 to train youths. The hospitality, environment, and foods outside Kathmandu Valley is awesome.
  4. Synchronizing online:offline education – I happily invested quite some time to complete “Principles of Economics” online course provided by Stanford University and attended quite few semester exams of my undergraduate degree. The education part was pretty much disappointing in 2018 and I hope to improve it in 2019.
  5. My first international trip – Representing Open Knowledge Nepal, I got an opportunity to attend UN World Data Forum 2018 at Dubai, which I will remember for a long time as my first international trip because nobody counts reaching Darjeeling and Banbasa as a foreign land. The 3 days experience of learning, networking and exploring was awesome.
  6. Your Government Your Responsibility – The civic engagement project of US Embassy Youth Council “I Know My Government” was another impactful project, which I was lucky and grateful to lead. We developed lots of educational resources and interacted with many school students.
  7. Books – I made a huge investment in buying lots of fiction books. Looking back, I realize that this year I was pretty much lost in the fiction world – where the love and corruption of Chetan Bhagat’s “Revolution 2020” distracted me,  Haruki Murakami’s “Kafka on the Shore” added the power of perspective and Subin Bhattarai “Saya” made me emotional with sisters love.
  8. Health first – One of the very important steps, Started from November last week – I have started the morning exercise schedule to keep myself fit. Daily, I run 3 KM  – 5 KM and do around 100 Set-Up. A plan is to get a six pack before summer.

So, what next? – this was all about past. What are the plans for 2019?

Truth to be told, I am completely blank with no plans and vision. Maybe I will focus more on Data Science rather than Open Data, Maybe I will prefer completing undergraduate degree rather than focusing on online courses, Maybe I will gather more money to travel other countries rather than wasting it in Mo:Mo and tea.

2019 is going to be a year with no resolution and plans – you probably may see me suffering, exploring, confused, lost, happy, smiling and ………


Philosophy is great but “Activism” doesn’t feed you enough

[October 13, 2018] As one of the key festivals of all Nepalese approached, I am already in a holiday mood since a week. Cutting off 75% of regular work and spending a huge amount of time with family making plans of visit, foods and cleaning my room. Which has also gave me enough time to join the informal hangout, sometimes over a bottle of beer and sometimes over a strong coffee.

And summing up all those chit-chats with new peoples, this recently made me realize that the interest of people over the activism is gradually decreasing, which I found very nice and interesting. Maybe because of the sustainability hardship or maybe Activism got a new name in the form of Entrepreneurship. Going back to the past, I used to see lots of faces who used to run campaigns, raise their voice, build products and project voluntary but today’s scenario is changing. Every project now has a Business Model Canvas or Open Canvas as a proof of sustainability. Maybe that our learning, the people don’t mind localizing or modifying the philosophy according to the context.

Yesterday at our Open Knowledge Network hangout while discussing the International Open Data Conference (IODC) 2018, this topic was relatively raised. More people are supporting, exploring and working on open data philosophy because it’s the part of their job. Hardly few are motivated by philosophy and are activist, cuz we all know “Activism” doesn’t pay or feed you enough. So, updating ourselves according to the situation and modifying the philosophy is always a good idea.

This this is more important when it comes to the developing country like Nepal, where the history of “Activist” is worst. We frequently hear the news of money misused by different NGO, sometimes my mind says the Activists people are the most corrupt than others, although I don’t have any pieces of evidence to back it up. While bringing the topics towards Open Philosophy, yes we still meet some people who pass the comment and criticize our work saying we are hurting the core philosophy. In fact, I used to be one of them but I believe it’s a time of us modify our thinking locally and globally because to move forward we need flexibility so that we can empower others to join, collaborate to make an impact.

So, let’s move forward, don’t be scared to modify and crunch the core philosophy and go beyond activism to make business & money. If someone comes to you lecturing about it, don’t hesitate to ask them “Does this lecture feed you?” in his/her face.


Being down to the earth is the key: Respect…

Life is the journey full of ups and downs, sometimes we make a big decision easily without any hesitation but sometimes we failed in making a small decision. Since we are on a journey (not a race), we need to keep moving just to prove our existence. Some may disagree and the question may arise, whom to prove? The answer is very simple and straightforward, to everyone because the society loves us.

In the journey, sometimes we may feel like being on the top of Mount Everest because of the success and sometimes that feeling of drowning in Bagmati river cuz of the failure. How to act during a failure? The formula which I follow is straightforward – keep enthusiasm, mediate and brainstorm. But how to act during the success is key here, although the term success is hard to define and measure.

Everyone knows and recommend it, “Being Down To The Earth” but hardly few follows. Yes, that’s the key because success always comes for short periods. Respect the past struggle and people who helped you during the difficult situation and more importantly salute the history. Every success stories have some sweet and bitter history, which one will definitely love to include in their TED Talks to inspire and empower others.

So don’t forget to thanks yesterday for a better tomorrow. Here I would like to take some moments to thanks my parents, colleagues, friends, mentors, enemy, in-fact everyone for being part of my life.


Same path but a different mindset

Probably 5 years ago, I don’t have that much good memory power but I started this journey of volunteering by launching the open source college community at Acme Engineering College, where I was pursuing my diploma degree in Computer Engineering. I still remember those faces of enthusiastic us, who actually used to fight with college departments to run all kinds of small and big events in the college premises. Truth to be told, actually I miss them 🙁

Today [April 21, 2018] sitting at my study table, I decided to look back my volunteering journey. Acme Open Source Community (AOSC) the first name from where it all started, a bunch of engineering guys who decided to run in the ground with the vision of Openness. Then the addiction and horizon started to grow because “OPENNESS” is the place where you will get an opportunities to see the compassion and connection of people. From AOSC to FOSS Nepal Community, Mozilla Nepal, Open Knowledge Nepal, OSM Nepal, Nepali Wikipedia – it just took me a couple of months. I will always remember my journey with Mozilla Nepal and Open Knowledge Nepal entire life, the source of my inspiration and I would always be grateful to Prakash Neupane, who guided me all the ways till now.

Another lovely thing about volunteering – meeting new people and attending the interdisciplinary event. I remember attending public speaking, entrepreneurship, technology, and many others different kinds of the workshop. Maybe because of this, I am more Project Manager type of guys although my academic background says that I am wannabe Computer Engineer. Till today I occupy different roles in different organization officially – CEO at Open Knowledge Nepal, Executive Member at FOSS Nepal Community, Council Member at U.S Embassy Youth Council, Project Manager at Code for Nepal and Co-founder & Contributors of some more – all voluntarily, I never charged them for the services and time.

One question which I used to receive frequently, “How did you manage your time?” and my answers were always simple “I don’t allocate time, I just do it cuz I love it”. But on my 24th Birthday [April 18, 2018] I make a harsh decision of quitting 90% of my voluntary work, which changed the whole scenario. The reason is very simple, I want to follow the revenue generating model to secure the future of my colleagues and family. I believe this will improve the quality of our day to day work. My ongoing vision is also quite straightforward, I will harness the business opportunities in the field of Technology and Data so, if you are someone working in this fields, I would definitely love to discuss a possible business partnership.

My mindset from today is to grow Open Knowledge Nepal as a pioneer and leading organization.

See you all on the other side of the journey!


Strategic potholes: Unsuccessful 2017 and mental pressure ahead

December is here and now it’s time to look back the whole 2017 journey to pre-plan for 2018. On December 31, I listed down “My 12 goals for 2017” and today while looking it back, I found that out of 12 goals, I was able to achieve 5 – which is a clear disappointment and for a moment I feel so depressed, It also made me realize that the strategy which I follow was weak with lots of potholes.

Succeeding as an organization like reaching 7 districts for the outreach and events, organizing 2 international events, writing articles for different media and launching 4 different kinds of open data projects, but I failed to achieve personal goals like learning how to drive a motorbike, passing colleges exams, earning money and finding a new coffee date.

Question – why am I calling 2017 an unsuccessful year?

Because I was unable to explore more in the field of collaboration, while starting 2017 one of the dedicated aims of mine was to sign MOU with 10 different national and international organization, which was a complete failure. We signed only one official MOU that too with Open Knowledge International, looks like in 2018 we need to focus more on collaboration and sharing.

Launching new projects and organizing events – was that helpful?

Not in the huge level, but it was good. The projects like Open Data Handbook Nepali version, Election Nepal, Local Boundaries had helped us to mark our spot at the open data community. Events like Open Data Awareness Program, Open Data Day, Asian Regional Meeting and many other is helping us to gather volunteers who know how to gather and interpret data. But I believe we still can do more….

So, what next – advocacy or service, dropout or continue, stay Nepal or leave Nepal?

After lots of discussion with my mentors, obviously not going to drop-out from BE which means will stay in Nepal for more than 3 years and from onwards, no matters what – service will be the first priority.

Why services, what kind of services?

………………………. * I decided not to share it *

Together we will build a “Home for Open Knowledge – A world where knowledge creates power for the many, not the few.” Join us and let’s explore.


I Travel to inspire and question myself

As a grown-up kid with good numbers of responsibilities in the shoulder, it’s normal to search for the definition of success and meaning of happy life. Yeah, pretty confusing – what happy and successful life really means? How we will measure the impact – from the money we earn or by counting the number of peoples who follow us. If you are also of my age (above 20 – below 25), you probably also have the same type of question cuz this is the age in life where you will make decisions and receive lots of question. I personally believe the people of my age are the one who easily gets frustrated, has lots of confusion and questions, search inspiration and mentors.

Today, while writing this I also have lots of question in my mind about future, works, friends, family, successful and unsuccessful stories of mine. But in my case, this question is not my frustration or depression question, this is the question which is helping me to keep going in life and I never search the answers of it’s in the books, movies, super heroes or super billionaire.

I always search for the answer when I travel especially in public vehicles and speak with unknown people about the meaning of life. Trust me every person of this universe has a unique story to tell, Many time I had managed to grab that opportunity to listen to their unique and unknown story with lots of ups and down. Some stories are painful and many of them are inspirational. Sometimes, I take pieces of their stories as a source of my inspiration and this is also teaching me the value of compromisation.

Dreaming big is good but it’s not necessary to start big always, talk with new people, share your ideas, collect small sources of inspiration, question yourself cuz that how the algorithm of happy life works in view. Life will keep moving and I will keep traveling to inspire and question myself.

Life in Beautiful, enjoy it 🙂


Tough decision: Demolishing our old house

Tough decision but we made it, Almost after 2 years of devasting April earthquake 2015, we decided to demolish our old damaged house, looking at the security of our neighbors living around. Controlling our emotional feelings and memories attached to that house was difficult but finally, we thought to move on was the right decision. We (me and my sisters) all spent our childhood there, which makes it more special for us. A bunch of good memories attached…

Here are some photos:








Preplanning 2017, thing which I wanna achieve: My 12…

Always be prepared, always try your best to pre-plan, that’s how you increase your chance of touching success. Since its almost the end of the year 2016, a year with lots of ups and downs. Here I am ready to welcome 2017 with my pre-planned list. Things which I plan to do, things which I want to conquer. 12 things which I wanna achieve in 2017, Here it goes:

1) Visit 7 different district/places of Nepal.

2) Sign partnership MOU with 10 different organization (National and International).

3) Buy new One Plus 3T.

4) Publish a minimum 7 article in National and International news portal.

5) Read 12 Novel of different writers (Nepali, Hindi, and English combined)

6) Learn how to drive a motorbike and apply for licenses.

7) Organize a minimum 2 international events in Nepal.

8) Clear pass 3rd and 1st Sem of Bachelor Degree at Acme.

9) Write and publish minimum 2 guidebook or whitepaper on any topics.

10) Launch 4 project or product, which clearly supports Open Data, Transparency, and Accountability.

11) Find a new coffee and movie Date (Obviously a girl).

12) And definitely, earn some money to support my education and above goals.

Welcome 2017!!


Amateur Nikesh, Amateur Journey: Looking Back 2016

Reflection is something that makes you emotional, at some point, you enjoy the taste of success and at some point, you almost cry remembering the journey you travel. Memories of old new friends make you feel sad and the enthusiasm of making your future bright push you harder to move forward. The year 2016 was one of the confused years for me, where I struggle to make a big decision, in the beginning, lost my Grandfather, planned something and did something else!! Here are some Ups and Downs of my journey of the year 2016, Where enthusiasm of junior was stronger than the pressure of senior, where people criticize me for my childish behaviors and at the same time some people support my never giving up attitude.

1) Joining Acme once again

A confused year and a totally confused decision made in 2015 and realized in 2016. Gaps, Bachelor Degree, Future, Friends and much more. Was Engineering my right decision, I doubt so but I am still confused. Let’s see how long I can go!!

2) Launching Nepal Open Data Index

The work of 2015 but was launched in January 2016, the result of crowdsourced open data survey done in 10 different districts of Nepal, which helps us to understand the condition of open data and technology in the local cities of Nepal.

3) Organizing International Open Data Day 2016

Officially the first event of the year, Yes once again we organize International Open Data Day in Kathmandu. This year we organize Datathon, where we collect the information of different Public Bodies of Nepal. Thanks go to awesome teams, supporters and well-wishers, with limited resources and time, we did something great that day.

4) Loosing Grandfather started drinking alcohol

One of the moments of 2016, which I never wanted to remember, yes never. Maybe that’s the reason why I started drinking alcohol, to forget that pain and memories. The pain of losing grandfather, the pain of being alone.

5) FOSS Nepal PoC and celebrating Software Freedom Day 2016

Working to shape the FOSS Nepal Community structure was another thing where I worked hard by bringing the concept of FOSS Nepal Person of Contact (PoC) but was unsuccessful at the end. Yes or Maybe, I don’t know but the Software Freedom Day 2016 celebration was a huge success. The preparation was good and execution was perfect, Kudos to the team, those new faces, and their enthusiasm. Ohh Gosh, I love them and miss them, they were awesome.

6) Working on Open Data Handbook Nepali Version

One of the 75% completed core project of Open Knowledge Nepal, where we work hard for translation, which isn’t really that much good but we did it. I personally work lots in writing so that we can do fundraising for that project, let’s see, we plan to launch that project in 2017 since the review of the handbook is still left.

7) Virtually marking Open Access Week 2016

For the third time in a row, I decided to mark the Nepal presence in Open Access Week. Since Open Access Week falls in festival season, it’s always challenging to celebrate it through physical events, my previous experience of organizing it says. But this year the plan was something different, We did QA with some know and active Open Access Activist of Nepal so we can gather the info about is the current situation and share it with others.

8) Joining Code for Nepal as AskNepal Initiative lead

I was always the secret well-wishers of Code for Nepal, the things which they are doing or trying to do is really awesome. In October 2016, I decided to join them as an AskNepal Lead. A project which I think is very impactful in the context of Nepal.

9) Receiving Shuttleworth Flash Grant

The highlight of the 2016 end, being nominated by the Founder of Open Knowledge Internation for Shuttleworth Flash Grant to recognize my contribution in the field of Open Knowledge and Data in Nepal. I was one of the grantees of Flash Grant.

10) Structuring Open Knowledge Nepal

Last planning of 2016 and first work in To-Do list of 2017, giving right structure to the work and projects of Open Knowledge Nepal. Lots of works are already done, planning is in the right stage, let’s see how well we can execute it in the year 2017.

2017 I am ready for you, Come on!!


Journey Continues, keep making mistakes

Not my piece of shit, just a thinking!!

I was frustrated, I was disappointed and more importantly, I was angry. Angry with myself, Angry with the people of my surrounding because I know it wasn’t working well, I started to feel alone and lonely. Yes, I know my expectation is higher and huge but I also know that I tried my best to achieve it. At one stage of the journey, I decided to give up because I wanted to start new, Give Up so that I can grab another piece of cake.

Yes, I Give Up all because of You, I blame you for my failure, I blame you for not matching my expectation. What about me? Am I not responsible for my own failure?
Absolutely No, cuz I have this fucking EGO problem bitches and don’t even dare to question me again like that, cuz I have another monster side which can be harmful to you and your health.

You will never succeed in life with this kind of EGO.


haha, loneliness with frustration in mind is too harmful especially when you are in the Age of taking the important decision of your life, where every decision made by you will directly relate to your family future. Is the decision made by you is right? I don’t know but I already made the decision to move forward, I can’t look back. My mind is fresh with complete control on my anger and bad habits. I don’t want to taste the sweetness of the Failure again :p and I also don’t want to be slow. Surrounding yourself with different pieces of knowledge plus minds and never stops learning are some of the lesson learned. Sometimes you make mistake decision all because of your anger and ego but the only way to repay the mistake which you had done is to keep going and slowly the doors of collaboration will be open for you by default.

Mistakes, failures, and loneliness, doesn’t mean the end, sometimes they are the start point. Don’t regret giving up, some mistakes are worth sharing if the journey continues. So, the trying, changing and learning are the small parts of life, never push hard and never pressurize your brain in small things.

Stay Updated, Stay Tuned!!