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Technology meets government: Digital Governance Hackathon being organized on…

Today was an exciting day because I got a chance to discuss the vision for a Digital Governance Hackathon being organized in Kathmandu on Feb 11-12.

As a member of Open Knowledge Nepal and representative of Code for Nepal, it was pretty interesting to meet the people behind the event and discuss ways to make the event successful.

As it turns out, the event is going to be one of the biggest hackathons in recent times in Nepal. But the real difference I found was that the event has a clear vision to sustain ongoing projects rather than start new ones. I’ve seen and started a lot of projects around open data and open governance in the last few years, and I know from experience that it is almost always easier and productive to support than start.

I had a good discussion over coffee with Punit Jajodia, founder of He is supporting the event by finding the best developers in Nepal to work on projects which span different verticals like Civic Engagement, Digital Accessibility, Journalism, Education and Financial Technology.

American Embassy, Hello Sarkar Nepal, National Federation of Disabled-Nepal(NFD-N), Federation of Nepali Journalists(FNJ), MaxConnect,, Code For Nepal and Programiz are supporting the event and it will be interesting to see if the hackathon is able to make an impact on the digital governance scenario in Nepal.


Today’s Tea discussion: Stable Government and Strong Bureaucracy for…

The process of a constitutional amendment for the second time without being implemented is one the way and the power fight between the political parties are growing day by day. Some had already planned strikes and some had decided to vote against the amendment. The citizens of the Eastern region looks completely out of the amendment and had started to show their anger through strikes and Andolan. Citizens of Terai region are still saying that the second amendment still doesn’t solve the citizenship problem.

So, who is wrong, why this amendment. Because we all know everyone can’t be right, some had to be wrong or some are doing it in a wrong way. Currently, everyone is blaming Prime Minister and Indian Government. Question is? Are they the one who are creating confusion. Peoples are discussion lots about it and most of the time this kind of discussion can be found in morning Tea shop, where people gathers after exercise and morning walks.

Today by chance I was also involved in one Tea discussion with retired school professor and lawyer. We discuss different kinds of hot topics and most of them were about the current political situation of Nepal. Both of them blame normal citizens for supporting political parties for all kinds of bad and unwanted activities. They mostly highlighted that the bureaucracy of Nepal need improvement cuz according to their view bureaucracy is playing the main role behind.

The conclusion of discussion is, we need to act and try every possible solution. Let’s hope for something good!!


Empty but asusual beautiful Phewa Lake

Traveling is always fun so, never miss an opportunity to travel whenever you got chances. Lots of my Mentors says that traveling increases your creativity and thinking capacity by removing all stress from your minds and must say they are 100% right. I also love to travel lots so that I can go far from this crowded Kathmandu Valley for sometimes. Recently to free my mind from the shocks of earthquake stress, I moved to visit beautiful Pokhara city for two nights.

Pokhara a busy tourist city and the first destination of all tourist who comes to visit Nepal, that’s was my feeling and experiences of last year Pokhara visit. But this year the story was completely different, due to the devastating earthquake which hits Nepal on 25th April 2015, lots of tourists had changed their destination place from Nepal. Although lots of place of Nepal are still very much safe to visit. The whole roads and hotels of Pokhara was almost empty and was waiting for the customer.

More importantly, a beautiful Phewa Lake was also empty, here you can see some images which I clicked while visiting that beautiful Phewa Lake.