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Data Visualization + Mozilla WebMaker @ Open Data Day 2014

Some of the Communities working under Open Philosophy (Specially FOSS Nepal Community, Wikimedia Nepal, Mozilla Nepal, NOSK, AOSC, OSAC and Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal) decided to celebrate Open Data Day 2014 at GPF Building, Kamaladi Kathmandu in the date of 22nd February 2014. I also decided to join that Event so, with some of my college friends I moved towards the Venue early in the morning. At the venue I made different members from different communities. I was quite hungry so I move towards the hotel first for the tea and after I came back from the hotel Ambassador of Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal, Prakash Neupane call us up at the meeting room and tell us what kinds of work we are going to do in Open Data Day 2014.

Different team decided to work on different kinds of topic like Open Spending Hackathon, Makers Party, Wiki School e.t.c and some decided to join Talk program. I also make my team with one college friend named Suraj Bohara and decided to work on Data Visualization + Mozilla Webmaker because I was quite good with both of it.


Our team decide to work on Total number of Mountain data found in Nepal. So, I download the data from http://welcomenepal.com website in pdf format. Then We used software called Tabula to convert that pdf data into csv. After converting all those data we both filter that data step by step because we don’t want to make the mistake. We filter Mountain name and its Height and then I used https://datawrapper.de to visualized that data and the output comes something like this. Really Cool One!!



For More information you can visit : http://cf.datawrapper.de/Xnc5M/2/


Now it was time to use Mozilla Webmaker and I think of making one Popcorn Video to represent that Visualization but Then my friend suggest me to make one Thimble page too so, I make both of it. (Not that much good but I made it)


Popcorn Video Link : https://nikesh2.makes.org/popcorn/1rv0


Thimble Page Link : https://nikesh2.makes.org/thimble/total-number-of-peaks-opened-for-mountaineering

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