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Wiki Loves Earth (WLM) / Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM)…

“I am less contributor but more user”, that was such an awkward sentences to say inside of a hall full of Wikimedians, while introducing myself but as-usual program started with an introduction. My love for Wikimedia pulled me towards Wiki Loves Earth (WLE) / Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) Award ceremony, after receiving invitation mail from Mr. Saroj Dhakal (Wikimedians of Nepal). To make myself punctual of timing, I reached venue Siddhartha Cottage at around 11:20 AM. Although the program officially started from 12:00 AM. Mr. Saroj Dhakal started an Award Ceremony by giving an introduction to the community. He describes how community started and how it is running currently. For half an hours, participant of a program also introduces themselves to each other.

Then again, Saroj Dhakal started the award distribution of Wiki Loves Earth (WLE) competition. WLE was an initiative started by Ukrainian wikimedians. Where we upload an photos/images of different Natural Resources of Earth. This year 15 countries participate at WLE competition and out of them, Nepal got 7th position worldwide. Form Nepal 135 people participate and upload more than 35,000+ photos on Wiki Loves Earth (WLE).

Top Ten winners of WLE are:

1st – Mohan K. Duwal, 2nd – Thomas Fuhrmann, 3rd – Ringi Sherpa, 4th – Mohan K. Duwal, 5th – Mohan K. Duwal, 6th – Ringi Sherpa, 7th – Endra Rai, 8th – Mohan K. Duwal, 9th – Bijay Kumar Shrestha, 10th – Bijay Kumar Shrestha.

You can see their photos from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Earth_2014_in_Nepal/Winners

Mr. Ganesh Poudel gave certificate and token of love to all top ten participants and winner. Juries who helped them to choose a winner was awarded prize amount also.

In between the gap of WLE and WLM award ceremony, Mr. Ganesh Poudel gave a small introduction to Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM). WLM was an initiative started by Netherlands wikimedians, where people/participant upload the pictures of different valuable cultural monuments of their country.

Top Ten winner of WLM are:

1st – Alexander Shafir, 2nd – Alexander Shafir, 3rd – Karna Deshar, 4th – Alexander Shafir, 5th – Sober Tramp, 6th – Saroj Pandey, 7th – Niraj Kumar Karn, 8th – Alexander Shafir, 9th – Niraj Kumar Karn, 10th – Alexander Shafir.

You can see their photos from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2014_in_Nepal/Winners

Mr. Hempal Shrestha gave certificate and token of love to all top ten participant and winners.

Certificate of Wikithone-3 and Sampadhathon was also distributed at the same ceremony. At the end of the event, there was a small discussion session where participant suggested some inputs to make the community more strong.