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Being down to the earth is the key: Respect…

Life is the journey full of ups and downs, sometimes we make a big decision easily without any hesitation but sometimes we failed in making a small decision. Since we are on a journey (not a race), we need to keep moving just to prove our existence. Some may disagree and the question may arise, whom to prove? The answer is very simple and straightforward, to everyone because the society loves us.

In the journey, sometimes we may feel like being on the top of Mount Everest because of the success and sometimes that feeling of drowning in Bagmati river cuz of the failure. How to act during a failure? The formula which I follow is straightforward – keep enthusiasm, mediate and brainstorm. But how to act during the success is key here, although the term success is hard to define and measure.

Everyone knows and recommend it, “Being Down To The Earth” but hardly few follows. Yes, that’s the key because success always comes for short periods. Respect the past struggle and people who helped you during the difficult situation and more importantly salute the history. Every success stories have some sweet and bitter history, which one will definitely love to include in their TED Talks to inspire and empower others.

So don’t forget to thanks yesterday for a better tomorrow. Here I would like to take some moments to thanks my parents, colleagues, friends, mentors, enemy, in-fact everyone for being part of my life.


Same path but a different mindset

Probably 5 years ago, I don’t have that much good memory power but I started this journey of volunteering by launching the open source college community at Acme Engineering College, where I was pursuing my diploma degree in Computer Engineering. I still remember those faces of enthusiastic us, who actually used to fight with college departments to run all kinds of small and big events in the college premises. Truth to be told, actually I miss them 🙁

Today [April 21, 2018] sitting at my study table, I decided to look back my volunteering journey. Acme Open Source Community (AOSC) the first name from where it all started, a bunch of engineering guys who decided to run in the ground with the vision of Openness. Then the addiction and horizon started to grow because “OPENNESS” is the place where you will get an opportunities to see the compassion and connection of people. From AOSC to FOSS Nepal Community, Mozilla Nepal, Open Knowledge Nepal, OSM Nepal, Nepali Wikipedia – it just took me a couple of months. I will always remember my journey with Mozilla Nepal and Open Knowledge Nepal entire life, the source of my inspiration and I would always be grateful to Prakash Neupane, who guided me all the ways till now.

Another lovely thing about volunteering – meeting new people and attending the interdisciplinary event. I remember attending public speaking, entrepreneurship, technology, and many others different kinds of the workshop. Maybe because of this, I am more Project Manager type of guys although my academic background says that I am wannabe Computer Engineer. Till today I occupy different roles in different organization officially – CEO at Open Knowledge Nepal, Executive Member at FOSS Nepal Community, Council Member at U.S Embassy Youth Council, Project Manager at Code for Nepal and Co-founder & Contributors of some more – all voluntarily, I never charged them for the services and time.

One question which I used to receive frequently, “How did you manage your time?” and my answers were always simple “I don’t allocate time, I just do it cuz I love it”. But on my 24th Birthday [April 18, 2018] I make a harsh decision of quitting 90% of my voluntary work, which changed the whole scenario. The reason is very simple, I want to follow the revenue generating model to secure the future of my colleagues and family. I believe this will improve the quality of our day to day work. My ongoing vision is also quite straightforward, I will harness the business opportunities in the field of Technology and Data so, if you are someone working in this fields, I would definitely love to discuss a possible business partnership.

My mindset from today is to grow Open Knowledge Nepal as a pioneer and leading organization.

See you all on the other side of the journey!


Journey Continues, keep making mistakes

Not my piece of shit, just a thinking!!

I was frustrated, I was disappointed and more importantly, I was angry. Angry with myself, Angry with the people of my surrounding because I know it wasn’t working well, I started to feel alone and lonely. Yes, I know my expectation is higher and huge but I also know that I tried my best to achieve it. At one stage of the journey, I decided to give up because I wanted to start new, Give Up so that I can grab another piece of cake.

Yes, I Give Up all because of You, I blame you for my failure, I blame you for not matching my expectation. What about me? Am I not responsible for my own failure?
Absolutely No, cuz I have this fucking EGO problem bitches and don’t even dare to question me again like that, cuz I have another monster side which can be harmful to you and your health.

You will never succeed in life with this kind of EGO.


haha, loneliness with frustration in mind is too harmful especially when you are in the Age of taking the important decision of your life, where every decision made by you will directly relate to your family future. Is the decision made by you is right? I don’t know but I already made the decision to move forward, I can’t look back. My mind is fresh with complete control on my anger and bad habits. I don’t want to taste the sweetness of the Failure again :p and I also don’t want to be slow. Surrounding yourself with different pieces of knowledge plus minds and never stops learning are some of the lesson learned. Sometimes you make mistake decision all because of your anger and ego but the only way to repay the mistake which you had done is to keep going and slowly the doors of collaboration will be open for you by default.

Mistakes, failures, and loneliness, doesn’t mean the end, sometimes they are the start point. Don’t regret giving up, some mistakes are worth sharing if the journey continues. So, the trying, changing and learning are the small parts of life, never push hard and never pressurize your brain in small things.

Stay Updated, Stay Tuned!!

College + Education

“Acme” My Lucky Charm

After the gap of one and half year, everyone welcomed my decision of continuing my further study & guess what I decided to pursue Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, although lots of my friends suggested me to join computer science course, which suites my area of interest but ignoring all of that suggestion I joined B.E, maybe because I want to write “Er.” in-front my name or maybe because I wanna fulfill my family dream. But sorry to say, still I don’t know the particular reason or answer of “why I decided to join B.E”.
Joining B.E after a long gap was another challenging task for me and guess what I failed to complete those task. I failed the entrance exam of all three universities in the first attempt (Kathmandu University, Tribhuvan University, Purbanchal University). But I have good answers for all of them, who asked me how I failed all of those entrance exams. I failed because I didn’t read or learn anything for an entrance & I didn’t read because Bachelor in Engineering was never my interest. Haha, how confusing life is, A guy who always used to teach others about the steps of taking decisions & planning, Today got an opportunity to taste the flavor of failures. How disappointing?? What a waste of money, time & energy??

But being hopeless, that’s not inside my blood. After discussing the situation with my family & friends, I decided to attend the second entrance of Purbanchal University and guess what I got a special recommendation of Acme Engineering College from my father. Don’t know why my father always loves Acme College. “Acme” a college where I pursue my Diploma in Computer Engineering & a place where I used to sit and dream of being a superstar in the field of Technology with my friends. To say it clearly, I have lots of sweet memories engaged with that college.
Yeah, Once again I gathered all my power to enter the college premises and passed the entrance exam of Purbanchal University in the second attempt. This time the scenario was different, I worked and read hard to be pass because I was scared of losing that last opportunity of reading further & I was determined in my decision of becoming an Engineer.
Today, If I look back to those 6 silly months journey, I can realize that taking the decision immediately was always my weakness and “Acme” was always my lucky charm. Don’t know why, lots of innovative ideas come to mind whenever I entered the college premises, which always boost my determination & motivate me to go further. Maybe that’s what we call the magic of college environment. Same things used to happen to me when I used to study Diploma in that college, and guess what today I am the mature guy with capabilities of converting those ideas into good projects. From now onwards I will not care about the decisions and outputs, all I will do is keep moving forward & will see where this life will take me.
Game On!!
Thank You, Acme!!


Journey with Mozilla Nepal Community


Working with FOSS Nepal Community was really cool but after hearing the name of Mozilla Nepal Community I was really socked. Different kinds of the question were running through my mind. It was all started from “Mozilla South Asian Meet-up Kathmandu 2013” during Open Data Day Hackathon 2013. At that event I got a chance to know about Mozilla from closely but the, more importantly, I got chance to know about Firefox OS on that event.


After attending that event is was interested to join Mozilla Community so, I started searching about Mozilla, Mozilla Nepal, Firefox OS etc. and after that, I collect the name of Reps from Nepal and different contributor of Mozilla from Nepal and start adding them at different kinds of Social Sites. That’s helped me to be connected with them more easily and at that time I came to know about Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) program. Then I joined that program and create on Firefox Club at my College named “Acme Firefox“. After creating college club we decided to have one Orientation Program at our college and at the same time Mozilla Nepal Community did one Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) Nepal Meetup-I which helps us to get communicate with others FSA from Nepal. We also did one Orientation Program at our college on 1st August 2013 and named it “Acme Mozilla Orientation”
Blog post: http://aoscacme.wordpress.com/about/ and


We also celebrate Mozilla Nepal Anniversary together with lots of Fun and Mozilla Nepal Meetup-III was the most memorable one because I think that Meetup was quite successful. I also got a Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) badge at 17 December 2013.

Blog :http://www.neekes.com.np/mozilla-nepal-meet-up-iii/


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