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Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator

On the date of 10th July 2014, I received an E-mail from Orhun Bozkurt, co-founder of Bold School of Entrepreneurship saying that I had been selected for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator and call for an interview at King’s College on Saturday (12th July 2014). On the same day, I also received a phone call from Open Space Nepal saying the same information. Then I check the Facebook page of Open Space Nepal to see the LEI Shortlist for an interview and I saw that my time for an interview was at 14:00 PM.

Saturday (12th July 2014), I moved for an interview because I personally want to know more about Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator. My interview was taken by the Managing Director of Open Space Nepal, Mr. Asish Thakur, and co-founders of Bold School of Entrepreneurship, Mr. Aabhushan Khadka and Mr. Orhun Bozkurt. I must say that was a very short interview that I had given to my entire career. On the evening of the same day, I received a phone call from Open Space Nepal confirming that I had passed an interview and Now I can join an Incubator. Such a happiest moment of my life because I have been chosen for 324 applicants.

The opening ceremony of an event was organized on the date of 13th July 2014 at King’s college, where I got a chance to meet all others 23 BOLD Fellow 2014 and organizer team. LEI opening ceremony was really cool where we got an opportunity to dance in our own way to have fun and to decrease our nervousness. In that opening ceremony, both Open Space Nepal and BOLD School of Entrepreneurship introduce themselves, talk a little bit about their visions and told us kinds of training they are going to give us.

But the real fun starts in 14th July 2014 when they provide us an schedule for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator, I must say it was awesome with really cool topics. On the same day, Orhun Bozkurt gave us a complete introduction to what is business and talk about Business Development Stage. He taught us about Ideation, Implementation and User Acquisition, three stage of Business Development.

In whole 20 days working time of an Incubator, we got an opportunity to gain new knowledge for different ideas of Nepal. Every single presenter where so much inspiring, all of them taught us how to tackle business problems, how new ideas came from, how to make those ideas big etc. Some presenters also share their real-life story to give us a confident. Everybody says that we always need to work hard and study more to get success. We should not get frustrated if we fail because Failure is the Key and they told us to think creative and different.

In between those bunch of awesome presenters I personally found Mr. Anil Chitrakar, so much inspiring. He is one of the hero social entrepreneurs of Nepal. He was with us on the date of 21 July 2014 to teach us about Leadership in Social Entrepreneurship. He also shares about his different social project which they are running at different parts of Nepal for social welfare. Those idea where so much innovative and the way they are tackling with different kinds of problems where awesome, which inspire me to do something about social welfare.

Along with learning new things we also work on our own ideas, In-between those busy schedule of Incubator we also got a chance to learn about Public Speaking, Pitch Development and Selling ideas. Which I think its one of the important parts of the business.

List of topics with Presenter name:

  • Introduction/ Business Development Stage
Mr. Orhun Bozkurt (BOLD School)
  • Failure is Key/ Creativity/ Self Analysis


  • Confidence
Mr. Amrit Agrawal (Sparrow SMS)


  • Leadership in Social Entrepreneurship
Mr. Anil Chitrakar (Social Entrepreneur)
  • Brainstorming New Ideas
Mr. Aabhusan Khadka (BOLD School)
  • Ideation
Mr. Narattom Aryal (Kings College)
  • Pitch Development/ Selling Ideas
Mr. Arniko Sigh (Singha Group)
  • Public Speaking
Mr. Upaul Majumdar (Hotel Annapurna Group)
  • Individual Time
Thinking and Preparing our own Idea
  • Individual Time
Pitching and Discussing that Idea
  • Shooting Holes
Finding the mistakes in that Idea
  • Individual Time
Correcting the mistake
  • Local-Ventures
Mr. Srikanth Srinivasamadhavan (Unilever Nepal Limited)
  • Cost Benefits Analysis/ Risk Management
Mr. Subin Shrestha (Alliance Insurance)
  • Market Research
Mr. Biswas Dhakal (F1soft International Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Human Resource Management
Mr. Rajiv Sharma (Jobs Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Individual Time
Executive summary writing
  • Individual Time
Proposal writing and making complete business idea
  • Business Model Canvas
Ms. Shristi Mishra (The Storytellers)

Besides all this presenter Ms. Binita Baral, Actor by professional but currently doing Organic framing where also there to share her experiences and Mr. Ritesh Mardbani from the event organizing company “We Fear Silence”, also share his experiences. How he started a business from the small age, who gave him the confidence to start. By hearing their story we also get charged to start our own business.

I must say Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator had sharpened my knowledge and skills. Now I am confident enough to start my own business. Thank You so much Open Space Nepal and Bold School of Entrepreneurship for organizing the Incubator, it helps me lots and I think all my 23 friends had also taken complete advantages of it.