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Self-satisfaction and happiness: 2018 journey

Growing older isn’t that pleasant feeling especially when you can see the transformation from “Nikesh – Brother – Dai – Sir” by your naked eyes. But unfortunately, nobody in this world is gifted with the power to control time. The years/time passes – waiting for none and here we stand, buckling up to welcome yet another new year. I have been setting the yearly resolution since 2017 to keep myself focused. Some years has been disappointing, and some were full of hopes and enthusiasm.

The holiday’s mood is already ON, with “ZERO” email and no deadline works, which gave me enough time and opportunity to reflect 2018 – a year of self-satisfaction and happiness.

  1. The success of Open Knowledge Nepal – small steps but huge impact. 2018 has been a productive year with lots of different activities which kept us busy throughout the year. Kudos to the hard working team (especially Sagar and Shubham) and volunteers for keeping the enthusiasm alive. Open Data Nepal is going to be the next big thing for Nepal in 2019.
  2. Goodbye volunteering, hello to new roles – In 2018, I dropped 90% of my volunteering works. Many suggested that it was the right decision taken in right age. I also joined Artificial Intelligence for Development (AID) as co-founder and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Nepal community as an executive member.
  3. Reaching Far-West and others parts of the country – Many thanks to the project “PAHICHAN” and “Digitizing Janakpur Workshop”, I got an opportunity to visit Province 2, 3, 5 & 7 to train youths. The hospitality, environment, and foods outside Kathmandu Valley is awesome.
  4. Synchronizing online:offline education – I happily invested quite some time to complete “Principles of Economics” online course provided by Stanford University and attended quite few semester exams of my undergraduate degree. The education part was pretty much disappointing in 2018 and I hope to improve it in 2019.
  5. My first international trip – Representing Open Knowledge Nepal, I got an opportunity to attend UN World Data Forum 2018 at Dubai, which I will remember for a long time as my first international trip because nobody counts reaching Darjeeling and Banbasa as a foreign land. The 3 days experience of learning, networking and exploring was awesome.
  6. Your Government Your Responsibility – The civic engagement project of US Embassy Youth Council “I Know My Government” was another impactful project, which I was lucky and grateful to lead. We developed lots of educational resources and interacted with many school students.
  7. Books – I made a huge investment in buying lots of fiction books. Looking back, I realize that this year I was pretty much lost in the fiction world – where the love and corruption of Chetan Bhagat’s “Revolution 2020” distracted me,  Haruki Murakami’s “Kafka on the Shore” added the power of perspective and Subin Bhattarai “Saya” made me emotional with sisters love.
  8. Health first – One of the very important steps, Started from November last week – I have started the morning exercise schedule to keep myself fit. Daily, I run 3 KM  – 5 KM and do around 100 Set-Up. A plan is to get a six pack before summer.

So, what next? – this was all about past. What are the plans for 2019?

Truth to be told, I am completely blank with no plans and vision. Maybe I will focus more on Data Science rather than Open Data, Maybe I will prefer completing undergraduate degree rather than focusing on online courses, Maybe I will gather more money to travel other countries rather than wasting it in Mo:Mo and tea.

2019 is going to be a year with no resolution and plans – you probably may see me suffering, exploring, confused, lost, happy, smiling and ………


Strategic potholes: Unsuccessful 2017 and mental pressure ahead

December is here and now it’s time to look back the whole 2017 journey to pre-plan for 2018. On December 31, I listed down “My 12 goals for 2017” and today while looking it back, I found that out of 12 goals, I was able to achieve 5 – which is a clear disappointment and for a moment I feel so depressed, It also made me realize that the strategy which I follow was weak with lots of potholes.

Succeeding as an organization like reaching 7 districts for the outreach and events, organizing 2 international events, writing articles for different media and launching 4 different kinds of open data projects, but I failed to achieve personal goals like learning how to drive a motorbike, passing colleges exams, earning money and finding a new coffee date.

Question – why am I calling 2017 an unsuccessful year?

Because I was unable to explore more in the field of collaboration, while starting 2017 one of the dedicated aims of mine was to sign MOU with 10 different national and international organization, which was a complete failure. We signed only one official MOU that too with Open Knowledge International, looks like in 2018 we need to focus more on collaboration and sharing.

Launching new projects and organizing events – was that helpful?

Not in the huge level, but it was good. The projects like Open Data Handbook Nepali version, Election Nepal, Local Boundaries had helped us to mark our spot at the open data community. Events like Open Data Awareness Program, Open Data Day, Asian Regional Meeting and many other is helping us to gather volunteers who know how to gather and interpret data. But I believe we still can do more….

So, what next – advocacy or service, dropout or continue, stay Nepal or leave Nepal?

After lots of discussion with my mentors, obviously not going to drop-out from BE which means will stay in Nepal for more than 3 years and from onwards, no matters what – service will be the first priority.

Why services, what kind of services?

………………………. * I decided not to share it *

Together we will build a “Home for Open Knowledge – A world where knowledge creates power for the many, not the few.” Join us and let’s explore.