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Open Standards Seminar on the Occasion of Document Freedom…

Document Freedom Day is “A day where policy-makers, government officials, civil society organization (CSO), journalist, programmer and other valuable individuals come together and raise attention towards the ever growing importance of Open Standards”. Open Knowledge Nepal & Center for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS) Nepal collaborated to organize Document Freedom Day 2015 at Maitighar, Kathmandu, Nepal, where Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Nepal Community and UNI-Global Union played celebrating partners role. On the occasion of Document Freedom Day 2015, “Half Day Seminar on Open Standards” was organized. At seminar, members of Open Knowledge Nepal and FOSS Nepal Community gave presentation and training.

To know more about Event Visit: http://bit.ly/1BS1P4x

Event Day:

Student from engineering & CSIT background started to enter venue from 02:00 PM (NST) for discussion session. A separate discussion session of one hour was hosted for students, where we discussed about the situation of Open Data and Open Standards at Nepal. We also discussed about what kinds of role Information Technology (IT) students can play to improve the condition of Open Standards at Nepal and how they can help different non-profit community/organization to do so.


But the main seminar session of presentation and training was started only after 03:00 PM (NST), where more than 35+ representative of different government organization, students and labors union joined seminar venue. The event was started by Mr. Durga of CLASS Nepal by welcoming all participants and he also introduced CLASS Nepal in-between participant with a short speech. He then invited Mr. Lekhnath Pokhrel, representative of UNI-Global Union in the event. He requested all participant to take full advantage of seminar and announced they will be organizing event related with Open Standards and Open Data in coming future too.


After all those introduction of organizer, Mr. Nikesh Balami of Open Knowledge Nepal & FOSS Nepal Community was called for his presentation on the topic “Open Knowledge, Open Data, Open Standards and Open Formats”. Before starting his presentation Mr. Balami showed his interest in knowing the participants background to create a friendly environment. For a couple of minutes, participants introduced themselves, also stating their professional background. Then He started his presentation by defining the value of Document Freedom Day and tell that this is an 3rd celebration of DFD here at Nepal.


He shared the whereabouts on what Open Knowledge Nepal is doing and how Open Data can help all citizen/people in the coming future. He shows different steps of making data open and also gave a small talk about Open Standards & Open Data Formats. You can check his presentation slides from his SlideShare Account.

Right after Nikesh presentation Mr. Kshitiz Khanal of Open Knowledge Nepal started the session of Data Filtering and Data Visualization. Mr. Khanal started by QA session, he asked participant what kinds of problems they are facing while working with data and participant shared their problems with each-others. Then he demonstrated the different tricks of data filtering and define what kinds of visualization we need to create while working with data. Volunteer of Open Knowledge Nepal helped participant to understand data visualization and teach them to create visualization by using different tools.

Overall the whole seminar run in an smooth way, around 35 participants take the direct advantage from an event. #DFD15 #DFDNepal

DFD15(42)Check more Photos of an event from Wikimedia Commons: http://bit.ly/1NaKcCf


Moz Maker Party @ Acme Engineering College

Date: 7th March 2014, Friday
Venue: Acme Engineering College, Banasthali, Kathmandu
Time: 10:30 AM
Acme Open Source Community [AOSC] and Mozilla Club of an Acme Engineering College “Acme Firefox” decided to celebrate one Mozilla Webmakers party at International Women Day 2014 and named it “Moz Maker Party – Building better web”. In that event, I got a chance to represent Mozilla.
Event Detail at Wiki: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Acme_Firefox#Moz_Maker_Party

I started Talking about Mozilla by playing the video “The Mozilla Story” and tell them what is Mozilla, what is Mozilla mission and so on.

Then there was a small talk on Firefox Student Ambassador & Firefox OS. I told them the benefits of being Firefox Student Ambassador.

After that, the main event was started “Moz Maker Party” with the introduction of Mozilla Webmaker, what kinds of tools are there and what are the benefits of those tools.

The group was divided into a small team for some work and different Teamwork on different topics. Some decided to work on the theme “International Women Day 2014” and some decided to learn how to remix others pages.


Some outputs made by the team:

Kapil’s Team :

Surendra’s Team: https://surendragrg.makes.org/popcorn/1t4g

Niranjan’s team: https://niranjan2052.makes.org/thimble/the-ingredients-of-me

and it was a Zocef (participant) sister birthday so Zocef Team decided to make one Popcorn Video wish his Sister and I was quite impressed with their work.

Zocef’s Team :

After the Output discussion we discuss again Firefox Student Ambassador (FSA) and at last President of Acme Open Source Community, Rabin Tamang ended an Event.

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