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Same path but a different mindset

Probably 5 years ago, I don’t have that much good memory power but I started this journey of volunteering by launching the open source college community at Acme Engineering College, where I was pursuing my diploma degree in Computer Engineering. I still remember those faces of enthusiastic us, who actually used to fight with college departments to run all kinds of small and big events in the college premises. Truth to be told, actually I miss them πŸ™

Today [April 21, 2018] sitting at my study table, I decided to look back my volunteering journey. Acme Open Source Community (AOSC) the first name from where it all started, a bunch of engineering guys who decided to run in the ground with the vision of Openness. Then the addiction and horizon started to grow because “OPENNESS” is the place where you will get an opportunities to see the compassion and connection of people. From AOSC to FOSS Nepal Community, Mozilla Nepal, Open Knowledge Nepal, OSM Nepal, Nepali Wikipedia – it just took me a couple of months. I will always remember my journey with Mozilla Nepal and Open Knowledge Nepal entire life, the source of my inspiration and I would always be grateful to Prakash Neupane, who guided me all the ways till now.

Another lovely thing about volunteering – meeting new people and attending the interdisciplinary event. I remember attending public speaking, entrepreneurship, technology, and many others different kinds of the workshop. Maybe because of this, I am more Project Manager type of guys although my academic background says that I am wannabe Computer Engineer. Till today I occupy different roles in different organization officially – CEO at Open Knowledge Nepal, Executive Member at FOSS Nepal Community, Council Member at U.S Embassy Youth Council, Project Manager at Code for Nepal and Co-founder & Contributors of some more – all voluntarily, I never charged them for the services and time.

One question which I used to receive frequently, “How did you manage your time?” and my answers were always simple “I don’t allocate time, I just do it cuz I love it”. But on my 24th Birthday [April 18, 2018] I make a harsh decision of quitting 90% of my voluntary work, which changed the whole scenario. The reason is very simple, I want to follow the revenue generating model to secure the future of my colleagues and family. I believe this will improve the quality of our day to day work. My ongoing vision is also quite straightforward, I will harness the business opportunities in the field of Technology and Data so, if you are someone working in this fields, I would definitely love to discuss a possible business partnership.

My mindset from today is to grow Open Knowledge Nepal as a pioneer and leading organization.

See you all on the other side of the journey!