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Being down to the earth is the key: Respect…

Life is the journey full of ups and downs, sometimes we make a big decision easily without any hesitation but sometimes we failed in making a small decision. Since we are on a journey (not a race), we need to keep moving just to prove our existence. Some may disagree and the question may arise, whom to prove? The answer is very simple and straightforward, to everyone because the society loves us.

In the journey, sometimes we may feel like being on the top of Mount Everest because of the success and sometimes that feeling of drowning in Bagmati river cuz of the failure. How to act during a failure? The formula which I follow is straightforward – keep enthusiasm, mediate and brainstorm. But how to act during the success is key here, although the term success is hard to define and measure.

Everyone knows and recommend it, “Being Down To The Earth” but hardly few follows. Yes, that’s the key because success always comes for short periods. Respect the past struggle and people who helped you during the difficult situation and more importantly salute the history. Every success stories have some sweet and bitter history, which one will definitely love to include in their TED Talks to inspire and empower others.

So don’t forget to thanks yesterday for a better tomorrow. Here I would like to take some moments to thanks my parents, colleagues, friends, mentors, enemy, in-fact everyone for being part of my life.